Industrias Ochoa expands in Querétaro

Industrias Ochoa expands in Querétaro

QUERETARO - Industrias Ochoa, a leading company in the design and manufacture of metal stampings, welding and automotive assemblies, has announced its expansion plans in Mexico with a significant investment of 12 million euros for its plant in Querétaro.

This expansion, scheduled for completion in September 2024, is aimed at increasing the company's presence in the Mexican market. It is also projected that this investment will enable Industrias Ochoa to double its sales in the next two years, consolidating its position in the automotive sector and other emerging sectors such as electrical and construction in Mexico and North America.

Increased demand in the automotive sector, along with growth in other industrial sectors, has been cited as the main motivation behind this strategic decision. Industrias Ochoa's Mexican subsidiary currently serves a wide range of customers, including manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers of automotive brands such as Stellantis, American Axle and Hirotec.

The expansion of the Querétaro plant will include the doubling of the production area to 12,000 square meters, as well as the development of the land of its facilities to 30,000 square meters. This will enable Industrias Ochoa to increase its production capacity and improve operational efficiency to meet the needs of its customers in Mexico, the United States and the rest of the Americas.

In addition to the physical expansion of the plant, it has invested in advanced technology, including a 1,000-ton flexible stamping line and robotic welding cells. Highlighting its commitment to sustainability, it is also finalizing the installation of 530 kW of photovoltaic panels.

The general manager of Industrias Ochoa, David Ochoa, has expressed that this investment represents 'an important milestone' in the company's internationalization process. He also pointed out that, although growth in Mexico was initially slow, in recent years they have experienced an exponential increase in the number of orders.

"We continue to integrate our manufacturing capabilities to serve all our customers in Mexico, the United States and the rest of the Americas," Ochoa stated.

With this strategic investment, Industrias Ochoa seeks to consolidate its position as a key supplier to American, Japanese and European OEM and Tier 1 companies in the Mexican market, demonstrating its commitment to growth and operational excellence in the region.