Industries prepare to work at 100%

Industries prepare to work at 100%

JUAREZ – Due to the change to yellow of the epidemiological traffic light, maquiladora companies are preparing to call in more employees.

Jesús Manuel Salayandía Lara, president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra) in Juárez, commented that with the progress in the economic opening, there is the possibility that companies operate at 100%, with hygiene protocols, preventive measures and the healthy distance requested by the Ministry of Labor.

“It is precisely because of this last requirement that some factories will not be able to work to the maximum of their capacity, due to the adjustments that were made to comply with it,” he pointed out.

However, the manager commented that opening to 100% capacity in companies will provide certainty.

“The benefit of this is that more people will be able to work, while being able to meet the requirements and fulfill the productive commitments that are had,” he said.

In the case of aerospace and automotive manufacturing, the permit to manufacture only allows a 80% capacity of the maximum number of employees registered with the IMSS during 2020, distributed in different shifts, or up to 100% of capacity, complying with hygiene protocols.

On the other hand, the non-essential industry will have a capacity of 60% of the maximum number of affiliates before the IMSS, or 100% if they are certified by the Ministry of Labor.

Salayandía Lara said that complying with the provisions of the authority means an additional expense for companies that are damaged by the fall in their sales during the pandemic.

In addition, he stressed that, although they have insisted that he inform them the number of certified companies, so far there has been no response.