Industry in Sonora has not fully recovered: Canacintra

Industry in Sonora has not fully recovered: Canacintra

SONORA – The industry has not been able to be fully activated because some companies could not face 90 days without generating resources and could no longer reopen, said Gabriel Zepeda Vazquez, president of Canacintra.

He indicated that they have detected that the companies work at 70% or 75% and the schedules have had to be modified since there is no need to continue working, because there is nothing to supply.

However, he called to not lower the guard because Sonora is a state that borders the United States and somehow the Free Trade Agreement is shielded so that the countries that are part of it are working equally.

"Sonora has a different inertia than other entities in the country, since it borders the United States; we have to be very consistent with all the productive sectors and ensure that there are opportunities for everyone," he said.

Source: Expreso