Industry News Agrofood Altex expands hydroponic fields

Industry News Agrofood Altex expands hydroponic fields

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Mexican agrofood Altex expanded its crop fields in order to maximize hydroponic lettuce production aimed for US markets, according to company officials.

"We're already in Texas through a supermarket chain store, we're doing pretty good", said Luis Miguel Lastra, marketing director.

Founded 30 years ago, once part of Grupo Bimbo, Altex crops up to 20 million lettuces a year. Now the company expects a 30 million pieces exports by adding a 4.94-acre greenhouse, as a part of an expansion program concluded few weeks ago.

"United States is our natural market, but we also have Europe and Asia in mind", says Fernando Aparicio, commercial director. "We've managed to get our products into Russia and we're aiming for Japan as our next target", he added.