Infiniti puts on hold development of second model to be built in Aguascalientes

A small luxury car under development by Infiniti and Daimler to be built under by the Japanese automaker at its recently opened plant in Aguascalientes, Mexico, has been put on hold due to the changing trend of U.S. consumer’s preferences towards light truck, but also to the uncertainty caused by potential tariffs on the auto industry.

Earlier this year, Christian Meunier, Infiniti global vice president revealed the company had already plans to build a second model at the Cooperation Manufacturing Plant Aguascalientes (COMPAS), a US$ 1 billion production facility built by Daimler and Infiniti where the latter started production of its QX50 SUV last November.

Back then Meunier declined to offer furthers details about the second model, but according to Japan’s Nikkan Kogyo business daily, it was a compact car whose final conception may not see daylight ever. 

Looking for confirmation, AutoNews received an email from Nissan spokesman Shiro Nagai who declined to comment on the report, saying “the company can’t discuss future product plans. But Nissan and the alliance remain committed to the broad-ranging partnership in place with the German parent company of Mercedes-Benz.”


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