Intel joins Delphi on self-driving-car development

Intel joins Delphi on self-driving-car development

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Earlier this year Mobileye and Delphi announced a partnership to build an affordable self-driving car platform it could sell to automakers starting in 2019, and now Intel is joining the two automotive suppliers to provide the chips used in their autonomous system.

Delphi says Intel's added computing capacity will be needed as autonomous-car systems gather and store more information while expanding their ability to deal with situations on real roads.

Intel’s processors will power the interpretation of input from the primarily camera and radar-driven self-driving system created by Mobileye and Delphi, which is aiming to bring costs down for potential purchasers by sidestepping more expensive sensor tech like laser-based LiDAR.

The deal was worked out during the Thanksgiving weekend. Terms were not disclosed.

Chipmaker Intel has done a lot to try to ensure it’s a key part of the stack when it comes to the autonomous driving wave of the future. 

The company will be investing US$ 250 million in autonomous driving technologies via its venture wing, for instance, and it announced earlier this year it would be working with Mobileye and BMW on a self-driving car for that company with a target street date of 2021. 

Intel rival Qualcomm has also made big bets on autonomous driving, including the acquisition of NXP Semiconductor, a leading provider of automotive silicon.

Mobileye told reporters that while the BMW partnership and its general platform “are very similar in approach,” the BMW team-up is distinct, despite having Intel on board as a shared partner, according to Bloomberg. 


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