Intel sees potential in Mexico for smart manufacturing, self-driving cars

Intel sees potential in Mexico for smart manufacturing, self-driving cars

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Intel expects to end the year with Mexico as one of its 12 most important markets in the world. Their interest, however, goes beyond selling computers, but is more focused on developing platforms like smart manufacturing and autonomous vehicles––a field in which they see great potential for the next five years.

In an interview with Forbes Mexico, Santiago Cardona, Intel’s general director in Mexico, said that the company is optimistic about the future of the country and Intel’s presence in it, in spite of any ongoing political or social changes.

“When we see that Mexico is the sixth global car exporter, we think about all the possibilities the industry has to offer,” he said. “Looking to the future, to the year 2023 or 2024, there will be a large number of autonomous vehicles and surely many of them will be produced in Mexico; it is a great opportunity.”

Furthermore, Cardona expressed that Mexico’s growth in its manufacturing and aerospace sectors are also strong drives for the company.

“To support our plans of smart manufacturing, we are going to have to equip factories with sensors, servers, storage, analytics, which will bring great opportunities for Intel,” he added. “Mexico, just for its industrialization and for sectors in which it stands out like the automobile and aerospace sectors, makes it very attractive for Intel.”



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