International bridge in Reynosa-Pharr border to double commercial lanes

International bridge in Reynosa-Pharr border to double commercial lanes

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In order to increase the daily commercial traffic through the international bridge "Nuevo Amanecer," which links Reynosa, Tamaulipas, with Pharr, Texas, it is expected that the current ongoing expansion will be ready by October.

According to Marcos Olivares Olvera, delegate of Caminos y Puentes Federales (Capufe), an agency in charge of managing international bridges, once the works are completed, the bridge will double the number of lanes for tractor trucks from four to eight, which will make international trade more fluid.

Interviewed by Notimex, the official said that the expansion is part of a modernization program that includes high-tech equipment to expedite cargo inspections for which an investment of US$31.5 million has been allocated. Such investment, Olivares said, will be complemented by similar work on the U.S. side both in lanes and customs area.

The official said that around 2,200 trucks cross every day through the bridge, a figure which could double once the work is finished.

Last year, cargo operations at the nearby Laredo port of entry were limited for several weeks due to the damage at the premises caused by a devastating storm in late May, forcing auto suppliers and other companies to divert shipments to alternate border crossings.

In order for repairs to take place, U.S. and Mexican authorities closed the World Trade Bridge connecting Nuevo Laredo and Laredo, Texas. Volkswagen, General Motors and Ford said at the time that the situation did not affect production but that logistics operations were under pressure to adjust.



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