IoT and Industry 4.0 are allies against Coronavirus: Deloitte Mexico

MEXICO CITY — Noting that it is difficult to calculate how long it will take to recover the supply chain and to what extent companies will be affected by the coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic, the leader of the Supply Chain and Operations of the consulting firm Deloitte México, Xavier Ordoñez, specified that this “depends on the sector.

Ordoñez considered that the most affected companies will be those that import suppliers for the manufacture of their products and especially if the countries that export to Mexico are affected by their logistics, which will lead some companies to “consider alternate suppliers.

Regarding companies that already have the Internet of Things (IoT) and industry 4.0, the Deloitte specialist stated that companies that have greater connectivity with the supplier-customer supply chain and/or with intermediate carriers, will be the ones with the highest level of assertiveness

Source: Vanguardia Industrial