Is Interjet in a position to resume operations?

Is Interjet in a position to resume operations?

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MEXICO – In order for the Mexican airline Interjet to restart its operations, it must comply with the obligations set out in the current concession and verify with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) that it maintains its fleet in optimal condition, its trained personnel and with their current concession titles in the airports in which it operates.

"What Interjet does not want is to go bankrupt, but if it wants to return to providing service, this whole process is a process of validation of many aspects, which can be fulfilled, but it would take longer," said Mariana Velasco, specialist in aeronautical law.

According to Chapter IV of the Federal Labor Law, Article 237 urges the crew members, to the extent that corresponds to them, to “submit to the training established by the employer, according to the needs of the service, in order to preserve or increase their efficiency for promotions or use of equipment with new technical characteristics and operate it when obtaining the required capacity ”.

In that sense, pilots and mechanics indicated that they have not received training or updates from the airline.

Likewise, Interjet must comply with its concession obligations, for which the Civil Aviation Law establishes that the service provider must have technical, financial, legal and administrative capacity, have availability of aircraft and air equipment with required airworthiness conditions, availability of hangars, workshops and trained technical personnel, and finally, having experience in the sector.

However, "Failure to exercise the rights conferred for a period greater than one hundred and eighty calendar days, counted from the date of its granting", is a motive for revoking a concession, in accordance with article 15 of the Civil Aviation Law.

Interjet suspended its operations on December 11, so it accumulates 67 days without providing services, so this concession is still in force, Velasco said.

However, if the Secretary is not notified of the suspension of these services, the concession could be revoked. However, neither the authority nor the company have reported on this.

"What interests the Mexican government is the formal notification of the suspension and the causes of it (...) Interjet has to give notice and later the authority will review its financial situation airport by airport," she said.

Source: A21