Jalisco is leading the way in food industrialization

Jalisco is leading the way in food industrialization

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JALISCO – The state of Jalisco is ranking first place in the food industry, while the productive sector struggles to remain the country’s “agri-food giant,” according to the president of the Chamber of Food Industry of Jalisco (CIAJ), Marcela Michel López.

In an interview, she stated that Jalisco generates 13% of the food in the country, followed by the State of Mexico with 11.99%. Third place goes to Mexico City with 8.45%, followed by Nuevo León, Veracruz, and Guanajuato. 

Lopez indicated that the commercial value of food production in the state reaches US$6.8 billion, and is a sector that grew its exports last year by 5.86% with revenues of US$2.8 billion.

Upon recently assuming the presidency of the CIAJ, Lopez affirmed that one of her priorities is to achieve the unity of the food industry in order to continue growing and increase the number of jobs, which are currently around 155,000.

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d as well that it is very important to be in constant innovation and seek greater links with the government, considering that 98% of the 12,700 industries that make up this area are micro, small, and medium enterprises.