Jalisco’s exports from January to October 2016 peaked at US$39.37 billion

Jalisco companies exported US$2.25 billion during the present year additional to the foreign sales value recorded from 2015, which represents a 6.6% increase, informed Miguel Angel Landeros Volquartz, President of the Mexican Council for Foreign Commerce (COMCE). The electronics, auto parts and agro-industry sectors recorded the largest participation in Jalisco’s exports during this year. Landeros Volquartz referred that exports from Jalisco reached a total of US$39.37 billion between January and October 2016: “The electronics industry contributed with 52.8% of total exports from Jalisco, that is, US$20.79 billion; the transport material industry, contributed US$7.31 billion, an 18.58%; and in the third place, products from the food industry, with a US$2.25 billion amount, a 5.7% participation”. The following destinations received 85.7% of exports from the examined period: U.S., with 77.6%; The Netherlands, 4.9%; Canada, 1.8%; and Germany, with a 1.4% participation.