Jalisco to export 50% more avocado around the world

The market opening of the U.S. to the avocado grown in Jalisco, might increase local exports by 50%, escalating from US$100 to US$150 million per year, according to prospects by producers and local authorities. Before this Market Opening, Jalisco-produced avocado had certifications and permits to be sold in 15 countries of Europe, Asia and South America, as well as export permits through Michoacan companies into the U.S. However, the calculated growth rate for the State of Jalisco is based on the demand from the U.S. consumers, which currently buy 90% of all avocado exports from Mexico. According to statistics by The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food, (SAGARPA), 1.6 million tons of avocado were produced in Mexico during 2015, with 119,600 tons produced by Jalisco. Once the U.S. market opening goes into effect, Jalisco’s avocado production is expected to increase 40,000 annual tons.