Japan-based Yasunaga opens US$ 10 million plant in Jalisco to build engine parts

With an initial investment of nearly US$ 10 million, Japanese manufacturer and auto supplier Yasunaga started operations in recent days at the municipality of Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco.

Yasunaga opened its facility with a small operation of connecting rods manufacture, recruiting 31 workers for that end. The company plans to gradually expand its footprint to build other engine and tooling components, said the state government in a release, without mentioning the total amount of investment and jobs to create once the plant becomes fully operational.

Yasunaga’s first plant in Mexico is located in the Colinas de Lagos industrial park, a new complex where 20 companies are scheduled to begin operations in short term, bringing around US$ 1 billion investments and the potential opening of 15,000 jobs.

Out of those 20 projects, 11 are of Japaneses origin, 5 from Germany, 2 Chinese and one from Mexico.

The industrial park is located next to the federal highway 45 which connects Jalisco and the automotive hub in the Bajio region.


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