Japanese automakers built 6.5 million cars in NAFTA region over a year

Japanese automakers produced almost 6.5 million vehicles in the NAFTA region during a twelve months period that ended in March 2017.

According to Japanese media, Toyota Motor, Nissan Motor, Honda Motor, Subaru and Hino Motors put together a combined 5,003,000 units in U.S. and Canada during fiscal 2016, a 1% increase from the previous year. It was also the fifth straight year of record production. 

Out of those 5 million units, 3.97 million were produced in the U.S. alone, a record number for the fourth straight year. During the five-year span, the five automakers’ production in the U.S. – Canada region increased by 1.36 million units. 

Mexico is not left behind, over the same five-year period Japanese production in the southern hub has roughly doubled. During fiscal 2016, they finished some 1.45 million cars in Mexico, almost 40% of what they produced in the U.S.


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