Japanese manufacturer Sekisui Chemical opens US$ 55 million production line in Morelos

Japanese high-performance materials manufacturer Sekisui Chemical in recent days inaugurated its third production line of interlayer films for laminated glass at the facility it operates in the municipality of Jiutepec, Morelos.

The company invested US$ 55.5 million to increase its production capacity 68% with the new production line, company executives revealed at the opening ceremony.

The company supplies from Morelos its proprietary S-LEC Film, the leading brand of interlayer films that accounts for more than 50% of the global market share in the automotive segment. 

The film is used in laminated glass for windshields to provide sound insulation and heat, in addition to normal functions of safety like impenetrability and shatter-resistance. 

French glass manufacturer Saint Gobain is one of Sekisui’s main customers in Mexico.


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