JC Group to invest US$6.5 million in Nuevo Leon

JC Group to invest US$6.5 million in Nuevo Leon

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NUEVO LEON — The Monterrey-based JC Group will invest US$6.5 million over the next two years to install steel stamping and aluminum injection plants for the automotive sector, said Francisco Montalvo, the company's director of operations.

The manager stated that these projects are short term, between a year and a half and two years maximum, so they are already requesting quotes from suppliers that have aluminum printers and injectors.

"We are focusing on projects for the automotive sector, we are in the process of being authorized to enter the area of steel stamping; speaking of aluminum we are going to get into the automotive parts’ injection," said Montalvo.

He explained that the capacity for aluminum injection will be between 400 and 600 tons per month, while steel stamping machines, will have a capacity of 1000 tons per month, added the director of operations of the company.

In addition, he said: "We are about to start our steel strip plant, we formally plan to start operations in August with commercial and high strength strip."

The new steel strip plant will have a capacity of 1,200 tons per month, it is located in Escobedo, Nuevo León and 25 people were hired to operate it

Source: El Financiero