JetLease wants to rent Mexico’s government aircrafts

JetLease wants to rent Mexico’s government aircrafts

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 JetLease Palm Beach, an American private aircraft leasing company, presented a proposal to President-Elect Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador to rent the planes and helicopters used by Mexican officials.

"A company in Florida would like to acquire, for a certain amount of time, all the planes and helicopters," said AMLO.

The president also said that the call for bids will eventually be launched in order to sell or rent the air fleet acquired by the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto.

“We are to define in which way will the resources from the sale or rent of airplanes be used, but surely, they will be used for social development,” declared Lopez Obrador.

JetLease Palm Beach's lease proposal was presented on August 20, 2018.