Jorge Figueroa Barrozo is the new president of Canacintra Tijuana

Jorge Figueroa Barrozo is the new president of Canacintra Tijuana

TIJUANA – Jorge Figueroa Barrozo was elected president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra) in Tijuana. One of his goals is for the agency to house the majority of providers.

The new leader mentioned that the chamber’s main challenge stems from the pandemic, since the small industry has been the most affected, therefore they have lowered their production and have cut staff.

“I believe that there is a point that we must take into account and look for mechanisms so that together we can find methods and ways to strengthen them so that they continue to operate,” he pointed out.

His work plan has three axes, the leader explained, one of them is to strengthen Cancintra internally, through the services and actions they have for affiliated businessmen. Another is to participate in topics of interest to the city, as well as to generate, produce opportunities for members, the industry and Tijuana, and give continuity to the projects that already exist.

“From what we already had, I am adding some new ingredients, but we are definitely still supporting what we already have, which has advanced; we’re developing a very strong project here,” he said.

Canacintra will collaborate with the state and municipal government, said Figueroa Barrozo, because as a business sector they will make proposals that are viable and make sense, in order to seek support.

He indicated that they have a council within the Ministry of Labor, Social Security, in the security table, and they want to continue with participation within the water agency, so they will seek to return to it.

Source: El Imparcial