Juárez implements the ADAS system in automotive production

Juárez implements the ADAS system in automotive production

JUAREZ – Engineers from Ciudad Juárez contribute to the creation of a new technological platform presented by the automotive supplier Aptiv PLC for automated handling.

It is the new generation of the ADAS system, where thanks to radars, ultrasonic sensors and cockpit cameras on the platform, integrated into the car, will allow the user to detect any problem that the vehicle presents.

The company announced that in Ciudad Juárez, the MTC team contributes to the design and the plants will participate in the production of the controllers when production begins in 2024.

“The specific parts that the Mexican staff contribute cannot be disclosed, but Mexico and Juárez are involved in this new generation of the ADAS platform,” the company said.

Aptiv’s new platform enables the supplier to track vehicle problems and provides wireless updates, so manufacturers can troubleshoot or improve performance in real time, rather than waiting for the next version of a vehicle.

Additionally, it has the ability to incorporate future technologies and features, including those developed in collaboration with Motional, providing greater reach at higher levels of automation.

“Our next-generation ADAS platform cost-effectively delivers life-of-vehicle safety capabilities that exceed consumer expectations on a platform where OEMs can continue to innovate,” said Kevin Clark, CEO and president.

“As the absolute provider of both the brain and nervous system of the vehicle, it makes Aptiv the partner of choice for developing software-defined security solutions, which could be modified as they mature,” he detailed.

The new generation of Aptiv’s ADAS platform also applies an Industry 5.0 approach to safety, ensuring the driver and vehicle work together seamlessly.

Proven software suite, state-of-the-art sensor suite, advanced sensor fusion, and development toolchain are the four core functions of Aptiv’s self-management software.

Source: Diario.mx