Juarez production is reduced to 60%

Juarez production is reduced to 60%

JUAREZ – Less production and more operational expenses will be the effects that reducing capacity in plants once again to comply with the new sanitary dispositions released by the state government will bring for the Juarez maquiladora industry.

With the change to orange at the epidemiological traffic light, the activities considered as essential, which include aerospace and automotive manufacturing, will have to work at 60% of the maximum number of records in the IMSS, when they used to have 80% in yellow. While the industries not considered as essential must lower their capacity from 60% to 30%.

Jesús Manuel Salayandía Lara, president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra), said that this setback in the maquila will result in less production for the companies.

"That sector expected that with the new changes in the traffic light color, the guidelines for manufacturing companies would also be updated to let them continue with the yellow color levels," he said.

According to data from Index Juarez, of the 330 maquilas that exist in the city, 32% are directly from the automotive sector, although this sector pushes others such as plastics, metals and packaging. 

On the other hand, IMSS figures show that of the 460,780 jobs in Juarez until August, 308,138 were generated by the maquiladora industry, the main employer on the border.

Source: Diario.mx