Key Manufacturing Costs in Mexico for Automotive Suppliers

Key Manufacturing Costs in Mexico for Automotive Suppliers’s latest Audio Interview “Key Manufacturing Costs in Mexico for Automotive Suppliers” features Alejandra Maldonado. Ms. Maldonado is a Project Administrator at Intermex, one of the leading Industrial Real Estate developers and Administrative Services for Maquiladoras. Alejandra has facilitated the soft-landing experience for many foreign companies stablishing operations in Mexico. She represents Intermex at the Mexican Manufacturing Association & Shelter Committee, as well as Chihuahua’s aerospace cluster.

In the 13-minute Audio Interview, Ms. Maldonado discusses these questions:

• When considering manufacturing in Mexico what are the key cost drivers?
• When we talk about site selection, is there a specific location within Mexico that represents significant savings and also stability in business?
• As an example, on average how much does a small operation from 0-50 employees cost per hour?
• Why is the shelter program a possibly better alternative for foreign companies to start operations in Mexico?