Kia celebrates 1 year building cars in Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon

Kia celebrates 1 year building cars in Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon

Korean automaker Kia revealed it built 183,290 cars at its Nuevo Leon assembly plant after a full year of operations, which began May 16, 2016. Most of those units, a total 142,739 were exported to several markets, but mostly to the United States. 

The company expects to build 300,000 Forte, Rio and Hyundai Accent vehicles during 2017 and plans to raise annual output to 400,000 by 2018. 

Kia will also celebrate on July 1 its second year selling cars in Mexico, a market where it has sold 102,758 vehicles until May 2017, becoming the country’s seventh automaker in sales volume at this point.

Days ago, Kia announced it has completed a rail terminal at this facility, with two tracks able to accommodate a total of 18 wagons connected to the Kansas City Southern de México network. The terminal is expected to handle up to 540 cars a day which will no longer have to be moved by road to the nearest railhead. 


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