KIRCHHOFF Automotive prepares expansion in Puebla

KIRCHHOFF Automotive prepares expansion in Puebla

PUEBLA - German automotive company Kirchhoff Automotive continues its expansion plans in Mexico and announced in a statement the development of its new plant in Puebla.

"Our Mexican plant in Puebla is moving ahead with plans to open its new production building this spring. This strategic move was triggered by increased demand, which required us to secure an additional 100,000 square meters of production space," the company said.

According to Directorio Automotriz, in Puebla, Kirchhoff Automotive has been manufacturing and assembling rear seats with welded backrests and dashboard supports since 2008, mainly for its customer Volkswagen.

This expansion is in addition to the US$40 million investment announced last February in the Opción Industrial Park in San José Iturbide, Guanajuato. That plant will begin operations in 2025 and will generate 300 direct jobs in the area, mainly for welding and painting structural components for customers such as BMW in San Luis Potosí.

"These new expansions are examples of our dedication to innovation, resilience and excellence. They reflect not only our commitment to meet the growing demands of our industry but also our dedication to the personal and professional growth of our team," the German supplier shared in its official release.