La Moderna doubles its production capacity

Rodolfo Espinoza Barrientos, General Director, stated that the transfer of the Ramos Arizpe project “…started in 2015 with one line, we added another in 2016, and the third line in 2017, which has allowed us to increase capacity. We doubled it, as we have the capacity to produce today up to 3,000 tons of pasta, while in the previous plant, here in Saltillo it was only 1,400 tons…”, explained the executive of La Moderna-Molinos El Fenix. Regarding employment, Barrientos Espinoza said: “we have 250 workers in the Ramos Arizpe plant, and in Molinos El Fenix, in Saltillo, we have between 140 and 150 employees, and of course the objective is to continue growing in every aspect”.