Lack of electrical infrastructure compromises aerospace expansions

Lack of electrical infrastructure compromises aerospace expansions

BAJA CALIFORNIA - The lack of infrastructure to distribute electric power compromises the expansion of industries related to the aerospace sector, said the president of the Baja California Aerospace Cluster, Tomás Sibaja López.

He indicated that approximately 60% of the companies related to this industry are expanding their operations, relocating and redistributing their process lines due to the growth of exports.

"The vast majority of companies are undergoing expansions, relocating the flow of their internal operational dynamics, to the extent that the service of what we call warehouse service with off-site management has increased," said Sibaja López.

He stated that this has been a trend since the warehouse area is the most expensive in proportion to what it generates in economy for a company, and since it is not physically expandable, they decide to rearrange their production lines.

The president of the Baja California Aerospace Cluster, Sibaja Lopez, expressed some concern regarding the provision of energy for these additional production lines as a result of the expansions.

He pointed out that, as the summer season is about to arrive, the power outages that have occurred in other parts of the country "put in check" and force industries in the state to plan their energy requirements.

"We have lived in previous years with an energy supply deficit that, according to estimates, is around 600 megawatts of deficit in the State", he warned.

The photovoltaic plant in Puerto Peñasco is not a guarantee for the aerospace sector and industry in general, he considered, since it is a project that will benefit in a period of between 2 and 3 years.

"We see that the infrastructure issue affects us in terms of perception, in terms of image, but also mobility, it is not only about making the city look good, but also that there is a natural flow," he said.