Large aerospace producers see potential in Mexico: FEMIA

Large aerospace producers see potential in Mexico: FEMIA

MEXICO - In aerospace, with nearshoring and after the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a major restructuring in the sector's supply chains, said Luis Lizcano, CEO of the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA).

In an interview with A21, the executive said that large aerospace industry producers consider Mexico as a place to develop alternative supply chains to the one they had in Asia.

He indicated that producers are looking for places closer to the United States, so that what was produced in Asia can now develop an alternative chain in Latin America or nearby places.

Lizcano pointed out that Mexico has the characteristic of being close and also has new talent, which is not observed in the same way in Canada, the United States or Europe, where the talent in this sector is retiring and the new generations do not want to study science, technology or mathematics careers.

He assured that in countries where the aerospace sector is traditionally developed, young people look for other careers, while in Mexico there is still an important engineering vocation, as well as technicians, and this is part of the vocation that Mexicans have towards technology.

The CEO of FEMIA mentioned that, as well as Mexico, there are other countries with similar characteristics that do their homework to attract investment in the aerospace sector, since "it is highly desired in any country or region".

Therefore, he urged the country to do its homework to prepare the talent and provide the right conditions for companies to come and establish themselves and not to have bad experiences, but good ones.