Libramiento Silao is officially under construction

Libramiento Silao is officially under construction

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The construction of Libramiento Silao officially began on Tuesday. The project, in conjunction with the Metropolitan Axis and the Los Pueblos del Rincon Axis, will link the municipalities of Guanajuato, Silao, Leon, San Francisco del Rincon, and Purisima del Rincon.

The project will be built by Grupo Mexico, who bought the right of way for its construction, and that was ceded by the state. It was announced in April of 2018 as a part of the Guanajuato 2040 State Development Pan, and aims to improve circulation conditions and safety for motorists while also seeking the advancement of the region’s economic development.

“It is a fundamental project. In the logistics part of this state’s area, this is a vital area for vehicular traffic, since it includes the Metropolitan Axis,” said the governor of Guanajuato, Miguel Marquez Marquez. “Libramiento Silao will help exhaust traffic, and will help alleviate road conflict that happens at the access to Silao, going to the city of Guanajuato.”

Furthermore, this project marks a benchmark in terms of concession projects modality, since it includes the participation of the private sector in the construction of infrastructure for development.

“This is a private investment; it is a unique concession, and there is not another one like it at the national level, where the starting rights were bought by a company, and it was yielded to the state,” said Marquez Marquez. “I am sure that this will break paradigms; the private initiative can work together with the authority––it’s a win-win.”

An investment of US$117,972 was made for the project, and it will have a total length of 17.4 kilometers. The project will have two sections, one on the side of the road to San Felipe and the other on the side of Guanajuato’s Bicentennial Park. The first section of the project is expected to be built in five months, and will start operating in January of 2019.