Libus sets up in Nuevo Leon

Libus sets up in Nuevo Leon

NUEVO LEON - Libus, an Argentine company that manufactures industrial safety products, invested US$2.5 million to set up a plant in Santa Catarina, Nuevo León.

Lucas Argu, CEO of Libus, noted that this is the fourth plant globally and the first in Mexico.

"The decision of Nuevo León is because we had already detected this place, we came that it was growing at a slightly higher rate and we decided to come to NL, in addition to the proximity to the American market, one thing we are interested in attacking," said Argu.

The plant will produce 280,000 units per month, of which 200,000 are glasses, 40,000 helmets and 40,000 hearing protectors, and will employ 25 people.

Mariano Zurlo, Libus' manager for Mexico, said that for the moment this new plant will supply the domestic market, the Caribbean and South America, although they will seek to export to the United States in the future.

"There is a line of hearing aids that supplies the entire Andean zone, Chile, Peru, Colombia and helmets are also exported from here to other countries," Zurlo said.

The company serves industries in various sectors such as health, oil, mining, firefighting and chemical, among others.

"We are growing at an annual doubling rate, we are doubling every year, and we estimate that this constant will be maintained for at least the next 5 years", commented Argu.

He added that as part of their sustainability measures, although there is no substitute for plastic, they are using the smallest amount of plastic grammage in their products.