Light beer consumption hikes in Mexico

Light beer consumption hikes in Mexico

In Mexico, at least one out of every five beers that are commercialized, is a light beer. This market has expanded its offer in the country in recent years, even standing next to best-selling brands, with a representation of around 21.3% in Mexico.

According to Euromonitor, Tecate Light is the second most popular brand among Mexicans, which reached a participation of 16.8% by the end of 2017, only below Corona Extra, which had 24.1% of participation.

Corona Light was placed in seventh place with 3.2% of participation within the market. Modelo Light had 0.7%, Pacifico Light 0.2%, Bud 0.2%, Coors 0.1% and Miller Lite 0.1%.

The Vice President of Corporate Affairs of Heineken Mexico, Marco Mascarua, pointed out that Mexico, unlike Europe, has an Americanized market, where there is a particular taste for light beer.