Loccitec at the forefront

Loccitec at the forefront

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MEXICO — By the end of 2018, Mexico had registered exports of 123,832 heavy vehicles and trucks. Although just over 90% of these units were destined for North America, the second most important destination was Central and South America.

Countries such as Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, among others, are natural markets for heavy truck production plants in Mexico, particularly Navistar (International), Kenworth, and Daimler Trucks (Freightliner).

Achieving that these vehicles could travel thousands of kilometers to reach their destinations requires not only precise logistics, but logistical, technical, and foreign trade expertise, in addition to being updated on customs matters, and knowing the culture and idiosyncrasy of the destinations that they have, in order to successfully complete the arrival of units.

In this field, Loccitec has charted a successful journey that in just over a decade has mobilized more than 60,000 vehicles safely and delivered them to their customers into the final destination, leading safe practices, efficient processes and innovation logistics that lead at the forefront of the truck industry as pioneering systems and technology in the traceability of shipments, always taking care to maintain the high standards of the logistics and security level of the country.

“To specify the shipment of these vehicles it was required to integrate an interdisciplinary team, to know from start to the end about the logistic process connected with the manufacturing one, as well as the foreign trade in each of the countries…”, describes Yaneth Sánchez, project director of Loccitec.

Source: T21