Lopez Obrador reaches out to manufacturing companies for youth-oriented training program

Manufacturing companies with production sites in Ciudad Juarez learned about a new program president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will implement to incorporate young Mexicans to the local workforce. Representatives from several automotive suppliers attended the meeting, which took place at the Aptive Technical Center.

Members of Lopez Obrador transition team explained the program aims to train 18 to 29-year-old men and women currently unemployed. The global companies will provide training while the Federal Government will pay trainees US$180 per month for up to a year.

The participants must follow the company’s rules and will have a tutor. The company will give them a certificate at the end of the program.

The next Federal Administration has already opened a pre-register for the candidates to use this program. “Youngsters building the future” will start in 2019 and aims to include up to 2.3 million trainees from all over the country.

However, there’s still a lot of details to figure out. The officials couldn’t answer questions regarding fiscal issues and other subjects related to the program. Nonetheless, several companies attended the call and said they were willing to help. 

Ivette Camacho, a representative from BRP, said the company already registered facilities located in Cd. Juarez and Queretaro. “We are already willing to offer additional income to the participants,” Camacho added.

Nancy Gonzalez / MexicoNow