Los Santos I solar plant is officially inaugurated in Chihuahua

Los Santos I solar plant is officially inaugurated in Chihuahua

Mexican authorities inaugurated today the first phase of one of the largest photovoltaic (PV) power plants in the country. 

Los Santos I is a 13.6 MW plant located 76 miles south of Juarez, Chihuahua, developed by Buenavista Renewables with investment and consultation provided by OCI Solar Power, a San Antonio-based solar parks developer. When the Los Santos I project is complete, OCI will acquire ownership of the project.

The US$ 40 million project consists of 52,000 solar panels distributed on 247 acres to generate 40.1 gigawatts of energy per hour and provide enough electricity to power 6,000 households during its first year of operation, according to officials.

According to government officials, the Los Santos solar farm will displace approximately 16,500 metric tons/year of carbon dioxide and 57 metric tons/year of nitrogen oxides — the equivalent of taking out 3,476 vehicles or supplying electricity to 12,000 homes — in its first year.


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