Maersk positions Mexico as a strategic connection to expand its U.S. operations

For Maersk, the Danish Corporation of transport and logistics, Mexico is a competitive Country to strengthen the marine commerce, thanks to its strategic location and modern infrastructure, as this Company transported 250,000 containers to and from Mexico in 2015. U.S. is the main commercial partner for Mexico, taking advantage of “near-shoring”, thus producing goods near the principal market where they are sold, translating into more accessible transport costs and products.  Regarding international agreements, Mexico has signed over 45 free trade agreements, including the NAFTA. According to Maersk, by being part of the NAFTA, exports have multiplied by five and the Company has gained access to the 15 main manufacturing economies. On the other hand, the Port of Lazaro Cardenas is a reflection of the process for port infrastructure renovation. Maersk details that commerce has doubled in this zone over the last five years. This Port will start operations in 2017, becoming the first semiautomatic terminal in Latin America, offering important advantages.