Maquiladora industry does not stop sanitary measures

Maquiladora industry does not stop sanitary measures

CHIHUAHUA – Industrial plants still keep most of their administrative staff working from home, and in the workplace they maintain all control and prevention measures as if the epidemiological traffic light were on red, said Sergio Mendoza Vidal, president of Economic Development of the State of Chihuahua A.C.

Faced with the warning of the arrival of a third wave of infections, he said that in reality now lives in a world laboratory, where both the development of vaccination and the scientific study of COVID-19 mutations and the effectiveness of biologicals play an important paper.

He pointed out that now there is talk of new strains, of the transmutation of the virus and the same doubt as to whether vaccines make people immune to all types of coronavirus.

Mendoza Vidal said that now there is talk of varieties of COVID such as that of Africa, Great Britain and apparently there is another one that has emerged in Mexico, in the state of Jalisco, so the issue of the virus has not yet been fully understood.

He said that almost a year after the pandemic in Chihuahua, there are still many people in the manufacturing industry working from home.

“Actually, that depends on the line of business or the type of company, although in the industry almost everyone follows the same procedures and policies that they had when they were in the red, so there is still the largest number of people teleworking, if it is not essential that they be in the plant,” said the manager.

He added that currently all the safety and health protocols are followed, such as face masks, gel, hand washing, healthy distance, acrylics to separate places in dining rooms, all that remains the same because the workers have not been vaccinated.

Source: El Diario de Chihuahua