Maquilas vaccinate 800 employees per hour

Maquilas vaccinate 800 employees per hour

JUAREZ – Maquiladora companies started their own vaccination campaigns for people from 18 to 39 years old.

Lear is one of the companies that implemented this campaign, which, in addition to vaccinating 10,000 workers, has another 30,000 extra doses to be applied to family members, suppliers and other companies.

At the Azteca Plant, there is a medical team of 200 people to vaccinate 800 Juarenses per hour.

Arnoldo Resendiz, in charge of communications at Lear, explained that although the company has more than 22,000 employees in the area, only 10,000 are pending the application of the doses, since the rest were immunized in previous days.

The company has a total of 40,000 doses, and other maquilas that want to vaccinate their personnel were urged to contact them through Index to do so.

Aptiv, BRP and Aling Teach are other maquilas that installed their own modules to vaccinate their personnel.