Marcos Raposo Lopes – Brazil Ambassador to Mexico

Marcos Raposo Lopes – Brazil Ambassador to Mexico

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Marcos Raposo Lopes is the Brazilian Ambassador to Mexico. When meeting with the Entrepreneurial Council of Mexico recently, he said: "Large corporations from Brazil and Mexico are well known. We have fantastic investments in both countries, but we have lots to do yet with the entrepreneurs to get them to understand and reach agreement between the two counties--Mexicans and Brazilians."

"At this time, the relation between the two countries is in excellent condition. One important reason is the great approach of the current President of Mexico. The first official visit made by President Peña Nieto was to Latin America. His trip included Brazil."

Similarly, the meeting between the leaders of Brazil and Mexico was repeated shortly thereafter during the Second Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). This happened in January of 2013 in Chile. "Relationships have been strengthened," said Ambassador Marcos Raposo Lopes. He was speaking to the Autonomous Association of the Academic Personnel of the Autonomous National University of Mexico (AAPAUNAM) at the time.

With regard to bilateral trade the Brazilian Ambassador carefully explained to the AAPAUNAM that this has already surpassed US$10 billion, which is very positive but still insufficient when considering the size of the two economies. "In regards to investment, , he pointed out: "...Mexico is the 4th largest commercial partner with Brazil, only behind the European Union, the U.S. and Japan. The amount of Brazilian investment in Mexico has the potential to reach US$6 billion and it is important to note that many Brazilian companies have continued to grow such as Braskem, Gerdau, and Stefanini Totvs."

The Ambassador proudly pointed out: "Mexico is the developing country that has invested the most in Brazil. And accordingly, it is the issue of investment that is the biggest success story in our recent bilateral relationship," stated the Ambassador. Brazil's Ambassador to Mexico explained that an Economic Integration Agreement between Mexico and Brazil would be like a big Free Trade Agreement. At this time a decision was madeby the two Presidents and Chancellors and the agreement is in the hands of entrepreneurs from Mexico and Brazil. "It's time to make our entrepreneurs come to know each other," he said. "Large corporations in the two countries are well known. They have fantastic investments in both countries, but there is still lots to do with the entrepreneurs to get an overall better understanding, to in fact, really get together."

According to the Ambassador from Brazil to Mexico: "... if we get what we think we're going to get (after the talks), the Agreement can be achieved quickly, but we're doing it based on listening to what the stakeholders have to say."

"Brazil and Mexico are not rivals," said Brazil's Ambassador, "...albeit they are much alike and complement each other and the two nations account for more than half of all the industrial production in Latin America. He explained this during an interview with the Program 24 Horas: "We have many things in common," he emphasized, "...first the vogue was about the BRICS and now it's the MIST (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey). And I want to point out that all of these countries are members of the G-20. These are groups of countries where Brazil and Mexico are the real leaders taking a much more important role in the world."