Marhnos – An Integrated Real Estate Solution

Marhnos – An Integrated Real Estate Solution

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Marhnos is a solid, multi-disciplined and highly competitive group of companies focused on integral development of commercial, institutional, industrial, infrastructure and real estate projects. This is done in a socially responsible way-- with a full commitment to clients the primary reason for being. The firm is hard at work to meet client expectations with guaranteed quality that builds long-term relationships.

The Company started their business in 1954 as general contractors. Today, Marhnos operates as a specialized construction firm as well as a developer, operator, and concessionaire of industrial, infrastructure, built-to-suit and real estate projects.

From the beginning, Marhnos has assumed the challenge of responding to a process of permanent evolution. This has driven their growth towards a highly experienced organization capable of executing integral construction, infrastructure and real estate projects. Jorge Casta├▒ares is the Vice President of Marhnos Real Estate and he chatted with MexicoNOW. "We started our operations over 60 years ago," he explained, "and we have evolved into a much more diversified company that has four business units. This is something that differentiates us from all the other Real Estate Developers."
  • Marhnos Construction:┬áThe Company is one of the best, most reliable integral solutions for all types of construction projects. Marhnos is a General Contractor for Development, Design, Construction and Management of Projects with extensive experience in hotels, shopping malls, convenience stores, offices, and all types of construction projects. The firm has an excellent performance record in safety, budgeting, scheduling, and ÔÇöabove allÔÇö, quality. Jorge Casta├▒ares mentioned that the company is able to build any kind of project. "At this time," he said, "we have built over 17 million square feet. This has taken place during the last 60 years in industrial buildings for all kinds of industries.

    Emblematic examples of our clients are Procter & Gamble, Hershey, Bimbo, and Heineken, among others, and most of them are located in the Bajio Region."
  • Marhnos Infrastructure:┬áThis division is in charge of the development, financing, construction, and operation of infrastructure projects either Public-Private Partnership Schemes (PPP); Build-Operate- Transfer (BOT); Service-Provision-Projects (SPP); and Turnkey Engineering-Procurement- Construction (EPC). Marhnos guarantees clients top quality service, as well as administrative and financial efficiency. The VP of Marhnos Real Estate, Jorge Casta├▒ares, explained that the company works in the development of hospitals, crossing borders, universities, government buildings, correctional facilities, highways, bridges, parking garages, wastewater treatment plants, and solid waste management facilities.

    "The past December 21st of 2010 we signed a development capital certificate for $1,000 million pesos (US$74 million)," he said, "for the development and investment of infrastructure projects. And, during the month of May of 2011 we made the first investment of this certificate in a hospital project in the State of Mexico".

    "This was", he continued, "with an investment that is over the $4,000 million pesos (US$296 million) that will be globally administrated by the Marhnos Group."
  • Marhnos Habitat:┬áThe Company works as an integral developer of residential projects. Among the activities that this business unit does are the land acquisition, management, design, construction, marketing, and after-market service to satisfy clientsÔÇÖ needs. Casta├▒ares announced that at this time Marhnos Habitat has over 3,000 units in production and sale in the State of Mexico and Mexico City.
  • Marhnos Real Estate:┬áDefinitely this Company is the solution for project investment and development. Construction is based on the commercial and operational characteristics of each business. This offers financial advantages such as 0% capital investment, 100% tax deductible and low maintenance costs with purchase option. "We are leaders in distribution centers," according to Mr. Casta├▒ares, "convenience stores, cold or dry warehouses, storage rooms and administrative offices."
The director of this business unit mentioned that Marhnos Real Estate has three platforms. One concentrates on all the touristic projects," Casta├▒ares explained, "and there is another with corporate projects and finally the industrial platform. In regard to our touristic platform we have a strategic alliance with Grupo Posadas in the development of over 1,500 hotel rooms," he continued, and, our corporate platform administers 5 properties nationwide, including the Consulate of the United States.

They are one of our main clients locating three of their consulates in our buildings for over 30 years." Jorge Casta├▒ares explained that their Industrial Platform has over 20 projects nationwide with the development of over 1.2 million square feet, administrated by Marhnos, with important global clients such as Heineken and Bimbo. "We are proud to announce that we have recently signed a strategic partnership with Prudential Real Estate Investors," he pointed out, "...that will give us the opportunity in the next 10 years to make an important investment in the industrial sector (US$1,000 million). So, here at Marhnos we are not only able to provide the technical capacity and our excellent experience, but also at this time we can also offer our financial capacity to develop in an integral way all of our projects related to the industrial sector." Marhnos is a company that features many competitive advantages as a Real Estate leader in Mexico. They feature a vertical integration that looks at things through a global optic. The firm has funds to invest and understands the meaning of financial returns with vast experience in the construction of the most sophisticated and complex projects. "We also know how to administrate and look out for the interests of our clients," said Cynthia Gonzalez, the Business Development Manager at Marhnos.

Ms. Gonzalez explained that the Company has presence throughout the Mexican territory. Next year, working from our Industrial Platform, we will focus our efforts on consolidating our operations in the Bajio Region in order to support the Automotive and Aerospace industries in cities like Queretaro, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi, Jalisco and Guanajuato. We will do this without neglecting our presence in the north and southeastern areas of Mexico." Jorge Casta├▒ares, VP of Marhnos Real Estate concluded by explaining his business unit strategy for 2012. He said: "We will keep our strategy of aggressive growth with our new business model featuring a dynamic commercial plan in several states of Mexico. We are looking to grow our portfolio of clients and keep positioning our Company as an integral real estate solution in Mexico."