Martin Technologies opens US$ 15 million plant in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila

Martin Technologies opens US$ 15 million plant in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila

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With an initial investment of US$ 15 million, Harold Martin Tecnologias de Mexico, a subsidiary of Martin Technologies, inaugurated its new plant in the Amistad industrial park of Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, where it recruited 250 workers in order to start operations.

The Michigan-based engineering and manufacturing company supplies solutions for automotive, marine, aerospace and defense industries. Martin Technologies, founded by drag racer Harold Martin, was instrumental in the creation of the electronic fuel injection (EFI) and holds 10 world patents. 

The company develops and manufactures products that make the handling of solid materials in bulk cleaner, safer and more productive.

It offers technologies that control the generation of dust, reduce the spillage of material and increase the useful life of the components, while improving operating efficiency, creating a safety environment and increasing the profitability of those plants that require its services.

Martin Technologies has acquired skills and experience strategically in areas such as advanced engine design, cylinder lining, piston ring and friction technology, handling and manufacturing of electric motors and power brakes, as well as instrumentation.

From the Ramos Arizpe facility, the company plans to work on solutions directly with General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford, Volkswagen, BMW and Nissan.


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