Mata Automotive inaugurates new plant in Aguascalientes

Mata Automotive inaugurates new plant in Aguascalientes

AGUASCALIENTES - Mata Automotive, a company of Turkish origin, inaugurated its new plant located south of the city of Aguascalientes.

This factory will be dedicated to the production of parts for automobiles such as the “Model 3” of Tesla, General Motors, among other electric vehicles.

The investment was of US$30 million and with the direct creation of 400 jobs so far.

This factory is located specifically in the FINSA Industrial Park, in the middle of one of the most important industrial zones of the state.

Turkey's ambassador to Mexico, İlhan Kemal Tuğ, offered an expanded perspective on how this new investment aligns with the long-term goals of relations between the two countries.

“This US$30 million project not only symbolizes the strength of our bilateral relationship, but also projects as a catalyst for future collaborations in sectors beyond automotive,” Tuğ explained.

The ambassador noted that Turkey and Mexico have enjoyed a fruitful relationship based on mutual respect and economic cooperation.

"With this plant, we hope to open new avenues for technological and educational exchange between our countries," he said.

The ambassador also emphasized the importance of this investment in the context of economic diplomacy and its potential to foster deeper understanding and shared opportunities.

“Through this plant, we are not just creating jobs or transferring technology; we are building bridges of mutual understanding and respect that transcend national borders. This is a clear example of how strategic investments can strengthen diplomatic ties and promote shared peace and prosperity,” concluded İlhan Kemal Tuğ