Mauricio Kuri visits aerospace companies

Mauricio Kuri visits aerospace companies

HOUSTON, TX - Governor Mauricio Kuri González met with executives of the leading aerospace companies based in Houston, Texas, Intuitive Machines and Axiom Space, both of which specialize in space operations.

Intuitive Machines is a U.S.-based company that brought a private lander contracted by NASA to the lunar surface for the first time, while Axiom Space, also U.S.-based, is a leader in human spaceflight services and a developer of qualified space infrastructure for humans.

On his first day of activities in the so-called Space City, the state president learned from Tim Crain, executive of Intuitive Machines, which has three NASA contracts under the space agency's Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative to send payloads to the lunar surface.

The meeting was held at their facilities in Houston, Texas, where they presented the progress of the projects they are developing in the space sector, particularly the program to provide logistical access to the lunar surface, lunar orbit range and remote communications to the satellite.

In this field, Queretaro, with an important industrial economy, has made inroads in this area with educational programs and specialized training centers.

During the visit to Intuitive Machines, Arturo Machuca, director of the Elliington Airport and Houston Spaceport, was present.