Mazda Mexico introduces first generation of Japan-trained operators

Mazda Mexico introduces first generation of Japan-trained operators

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Chiharu Mizutani, president and CEO of Mazda de Mexico Vehicle Operation (MMVO), introduced the first generation of 100 operators of bodywork, paint and final assembly who were sent to Japan for a year to receive training in production, maintenance and continuous improvement.

The global operator training program “not only allows us to manufacture the best cars in the world, it also favors the personal and professional development of our most important pillar, our collaborators,” Mizutani told local media.

The operators highlighted that in addition to the knowledge acquired, this experience showed them the true meaning of teamwork, strengthening the ties between Japanese and Mexican collaborators through the cultural exchange, but at the same time encouraging a spirit of competition.

“This year was a very well spent time, we were working all the time, learning practices that we are now going to apply in our work environment with our colleagues in Mexico,” said Said Govea, one of the participants.



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