Mazda sets up preventive measures to avert floods in Salamanca plant

Following the flooding at the Honda plant in Celaya, Guanajuato, officials of the Mazda assembly facility, located in the nearby municipality of Salamanca, met with local authorities in search of preventive measures in the face of heavy rains that ravaged the region.

At the meeting, it was agreed to activate a series of measures related to the management of dams and nearby lagoons to prevent the plant of the Hiroshima-based automaker from being affected, according to local media reports.

The executive vice president of Mazda Mexico Vehicle Operation, Masahiko Morito, said he was worried about the rainy season, which is why attention brigades have been formed before any contingency, inside and outside the plant.

The manager said that a drain passes through the plant which puts the parking area of new vehicles at risk.


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