Medline Industries builds US$ 100 million plant in Mexicali, expands Nuevo Laredo facility

Medline Industries, an Illinois-based manufacturer of medical products, announced it will invest US$ 100 million to build a new plant in Mexicali, Baja California dedicated to the manufacture of surgical instrument trays, Mexican news outlet Expansion reported today citing as source Raul Carreras, Senior vice president of the company’s tray division.

Another Medline facility located in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, will also receive a US$ 20 million investment in order to expand its production capacity. According to the official, around 3,400 jobs positions will be open along with both projects.

The company has already started the construction work of its 180,000-square-meter facility at the El Desierto industrial park in the border city of Mexicali with production scheduled to begin in Summer 2019.

“We chose Mexicali for access to highly qualified workers, for transportation – ports, roads and railways – the type of quality of life for our employees and the tremendous support that Baja California and Mexicali have given us,” said the official.


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