Meet Zacua, the two-seat Mexican electric car

Meet Zacua, the two-seat Mexican electric car

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A group of Mexican entrepreneurs under the name of Motores Limpios, S.A.P.I. de C.V. launched the first full-electric vehicle made in the country. Zacua is a two-seat compact car unit with full-electric engine developed by Spain-based Dynamik Technological Alliance and battery of Chinese origin. 

This model is part of a trade agreement with Chatenet, the company that delivered the design, which took more than two years in its development. This company also provides, for the time being, the chassis and some other components.

Everything related to engine, converter, charger and power train, among many other elements, are assembled in Mexico.

The company plans to deliver 100 vehicles by November 2017, a figure that would increase to 200 units in 2018. Those vehicles will be built in the State of Mexico, but production will be transferred to Puebla in 2019.

The vehicle requires a charging time of eight hours and its base price is 460,000 pesos, around US$ 25,450, with a 100-mile range at a maximum speed of 59 mph.

During the first stage of operations a limited number of two models, the M2 and M3, will be offered for sale. The amount of investment required for the development and serial production remained undisclosed, but the company reported that in an early stage it generated almost 30 jobs.

The vehicles will include a recharge system with an alternate CFE meter to help keep the bill low. The utility company will assist the installation, according to company officials.


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