Mercedes-Benz Buses reasserting 20 years of leadership in Mexico

Mercedes-Benz Buses re-avouched its leadership in the Mexican market during the celebration of Expo Foro 2018, presenting eight new solutions completely adapted to satisfy mobility needs across the country. Mercedes-Benz Buses has sustained its leading position in the Mexican market for over 20 years, thanks to the development of units equipped with technology, innovation, comfort and safety features, making them a strategic ally in the development of mobility solutions for this Country. Proof of this, is that out every 10 urban buses circulating in Mexico, 6 were made by this German assembler. The importance of teamwork was also remarked during this reunion, as a key factor to reach the top. This is a labor that requires the participation of distributors, aftermarket representatives, Daimler Financial Services and its collaborators, to earn the preference from the man-bus, as well as other passenger transport companies.