Mercedes-Benz delivers 80 buses for Chihuahua

Mercedes-Benz delivers 80 buses for Chihuahua

CHIHUAHUA - Mercedes-Benz Autobuses will mobilize hundreds of people in Chihuahua City and Ciudad Juarez with 80 Mercedes-Benz O 500 M 1826 buses with Busscar Urbanuss Pluss bodywork, the latest generation in Mexico.

These units have a length of 11.5 meters, a 6-cylinder engine with Euro V certification, which includes environmentally friendly technology, as well as an automatic transmission to facilitate the operator's driving.

In addition, the new vehicles are equipped with features that ensure comfort and accessibility for all passengers. These include two doors that ensure adequate flow for boarding and alighting, air conditioning and heating systems.

This unit is 100% accessible with ramps and wheelchair spaces that are fully accessible, as well as preferential seating. Tactile fingerprints and Braille orientation plates are also integrated, and each row of seats has USB chargers for passenger convenience.

High-tech systems have also been implemented, such as video surveillance and monitoring of driving habits, along with built-in telemetry that provides essential data on the chassis and bodywork, enabling informed decisions to be made to improve operational efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that all of these Mercedes-Benz buses meet and exceed current technical standards, making the company one of the most innovative in passenger transportation.

More than 50 engineers led this project to configure these 80 buses that adapt to the needs of Chihuahua and Ciudad Juarez. This mobility system is configured based on the best mobility systems in Latin America, being a reference for the country.

The incorporation of these buses marks an important milestone in the improvement of mobility in the State of Chihuahua by offering the capacity to transport up to 96,900 passengers daily.