Merging of FC Felhaber & Co. into the Capin Vyborny Family

Merging of FC Felhaber & Co. into the Capin Vyborny Family

Capin Vyborny and FC Felharber are pleased and excited to announce the merging of FC Felhaber & Co. into the Capin Vyborny family on June 13, 2022.  Capin Vyborny was interested in joining with Felhaber because of their commitment to personalized service and compliance, values core to all our team as well.

Capin Vyborny has over three decades of experience serving our partner clients with their US Customs Brokerage, Logistics, Warehousing, and Advisory needs. Our team speaks all the languages of USMCA. With the addition of the Felhaber team, Capin Vyborny now has eight Licensed US Customs Brokers and physical locations across the entire U.S./Mexico border as well as our national license covering all U.S. ports of entry.

The team Felharber clients work with today will continue to be those you work with going forward, as well as Capin Vyborny additions. This additional staffing will provide support going forward with your international supply chain needs, now with additional physical locations, added knowledge, and ready access to expertise.

We look forward to speaking with you and continuing our partnership. In case you have any specific questions as we work through the integration, please reach out to our advisory team members at  Thank you in advance for trusting your new Capin Vyborny family in this new partnership.

Capin Vyborny Customs Brokerage & Logistics is a nationally licensed broker who serves clients from North America, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. With ability and experience providing service and transport through any U.S. Customs port of entry. Capin Vyborny’s physical presence across the entire southern U.S. border provides specialized help and relationships for cross U.S.-Mexico trade. For any questions or inquiries please contact us at 520-281-2066 or

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