Mexican aerospace industry going through “historic moment”

Historic milestones such as the re negotiation of the NAFTA or a change of government in the country, can not slow down the trend towards accelerated growth of the aerospace sector, thanks to its solid structural foundations, vast development of capabilities and high specialization. The aerospace sector is currently experiencing a “historic moment”, according to Carlos Robles, president of the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA). “This is a historic time, because in order to take the leap and be among the top ten aerospace industries worldwide, Mexico needs to develop supply chain, as this is one of the most fundamental and critical issues to address in the Country. We need to join forces, interests and all of the capacities to develop this sector, according to the needs of manufacturers and of the different tiers of supply”, said Robles. Furthermore, he extended an exhort to grasp the opportunities laid out by the great expertise and know-how from industries like the automotive, to provide the aerospace sector with technology and qualified labor force, gaining so, protection against any change in the exterior commercial relations.