Mexican aerospace industry: soaring high

The Mexican aerospace industry has had constant and accelerated development over the last few years, as it has grown 17%, generating 45,000 jobs. The sector captures over US$700 billion in exports during 2015 and its production is estimated to grow 85% by 2020, according to data from the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry. This segment includes the design, manufacture, commercialization, maintenance and spare parts for aircraft (airplanes, commercial and combat helicopters). In Mexico, companies are operating mainly in the aeronautical division, 80% of them is dedicated to manufacturing, mostly basic components, 10% is in the research sector and another 10% does MRO activities. Airplane and engine manufacturers worldwide, such as Honeywell, Bombardier, Safran Group, ITP, Boeing, Airbus, GE and Pratt and Whitney, are focused on developing more efficient products, environmentally sustainable and a great deal of these products are manufactured by Mexican companies. There are 238 plus companies operating in Mexico, mainly in 18 States across the nation, like: Queretaro, Baja California, Chihuahua and Coahuila, generating over 30,000 jobs. 2016 is expected to close with over 37,000 jobs, 75,000 by 2020 and having more than 350 companies in the country.